Friday, June 11, 2010


Cache Tolman was in a serious bicycle accident a few days ago.
He is stable at the moment, but he has a brain hemorrhage, severe concussion, broken clavicle (and he may have neglected to mention other broken bones and injuries, as he is trying not to let anyone know the severity of his condition). He has been suffering seizures, so obviously he is not as well off as he wants others to think. He is worried about losing so much work while he has been stuck in the hospital. Cache is the single father of an eight year old daughter, and his life revolves around providing for her. The combination of losing so much work, and racking up outrageous hospital bills, is causing him great stress (the worst thing for someone suffering from seizures). So I am hoping that we can all join arms and give back to this loyal friend and musician who has given us such amazing music for so many years.
The following link will lead you to a cover of "True Colors" that Cache and I recorded a few months ago (and please donate by clicking one of the "donate" buttons at the top of the page:)

True Colors

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  1. Linds, I am so saddened to hear about what happened, and I want to help. Although I can't donate money, if he needs help with Isabella or with other practical stuff that needs doing, please let me know. - Sarah Pendleton